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2019 World ICT Award

The IoT-Augmented AS2 (Airfield Service System) was presented the Public/Private Partnership Award, one of the seven 2019 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) on October 9, 2019 in Yerevan, Armenia.
2019 HKICT Awards

The IoT-Augmented AS2 (Airfield Service System), a collaborative effort by Airport Authority Hong Kong, Center of Cyber Logistics, AISCL, CUHK, and ubiZense, has won the Smart Mobility Grand Award, and, the Smart Mobility (Smart Logistics) Gold Award this year (2019) in Hong Kong.

We also showcased AS2 in the 2019 ACI Asia-Pacific/World General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition (ACI), 2-4 April at AsiaWorld-Expo, and the International ICT Expo, hosted by HKTDC (The Hong Kong Trade Development Council), 13-14 April at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), Hong Kong.  [read more] 
Notebook on Technovation 2018 hosted by the Hong Kong International Airport, November 28-29 (Wed-Thur), 2018.  [read more] 
2019 2018

From Sense to Zense


IoTs   are among us - as wearables such as iWatch or Fitbit, smart mobile devices in our pockets or purses, a doorbell that sees or a home security that scans, and a tagged airline bag arriving at the reclaim belt, etc. Senses are alive and everywhere.

Sense data when reached at the edge of an IoT mesh network could be channeled into on-edge intelligent service for immediate filtering and aggregation, before the cleansed data is distributed to targeted cloud services. Edge computing, or at a larger scale, fog computing, could harbour AI-class computational units to extract learnt patterns or recognize known objects. With deep learning, one might exploit powerful GPUs, or TPUs, to sustain on-the-edge unsupervised learning, sensing of different nature would be organic, forging sense sharing to enrich our Zense. Subscription to these IoT cloud services could allow an enterprise to appraise current business phenonmena or events, in real-time for an instant take that would result in some actionable decision - a decision that is reached with a calm state of mind, or with ZENSE.

You always like to feel Zense, e.g., knowing that your Uber will arrive in two minutes - you know then you would not be too late to arrive at the airport to catch that flight. Or, the step-by-step tracking of your espresso machine that soon be delivered by USPS at your door step even on a Sunday - you know then great coffee for the guests after dinner is on, especially if the guest was the fahter-in-law who loved a cup of good old-fashioned fresh coffee. ubiZense delivers on-target Zense to you on-demand with clarity and fidelity in our information-heightened society.

In one analysis noted in October 2017, the number of connected IoT devices worldwide will rise to 125 billion in 2030, from an almost 27 billion number in 20171. These devices generate senses in homes, cities, enterprises, public venues, and persons as a private individual. UbiZense brings these senses to bear with big data, provides you with Zenses that are unspoken of just a few years back.

UbiZense accompanies you in any journey to build Zenses. Some journey could start at where hotspots are defined and created for capturing relevant senses, or at an ad hoc spot in your operating environment to first identify IoT sensitivity that drives your business, and towards digital buisness, or at how to deliver Zenses on demand to key movers and shakers in your enterprise, face head-on challenges of the global market untethered. Other journeys could simply receive on-demand instant Zenseful signals via an all encompassing zenseApp.

UbiZense allows you to become truly aware of yourself in a data-dominant environment. Data is all around us and too many resources have been put in place to track your progress, or every moves, intentionally or indirectly. We offer ways to automatically and accurately trace all existing progress and to let you intuitively make trajectory decisions. Our goals is to bring you Zense, by not only sensing where you currently stand, but around you and globally, to guidie you towards the most logical and feasible yet desirable way to move forward via Zenselytics (read more).

1 https://technology.ihs.com/596542/number-of-connected-iot-devices-will-surge-to-125-billion-by-2030-ihs-markit-says

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